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"Talent is everywhere, opportunity isn't.

To be inclusive we must empower our talent from minority groups to flourish in a majority space."

Salma Shah

Author, speaker and founder of award-winning

Mastering Your Power Leadership, Mentoring & Coach Training


  • Radically Inclusive Leadership

  • Dysfunctional to Healthy Resilience

  • Understanding the Lived Experience

  • Importance of Belonging

  • Establishing Psychological Safety

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Meet Salma

Salma Shah is passionate about understanding the lived experience, challenging systemic inequalities and championing diversity, social mobility, and inclusion. Her coaching and mentoring approach enables organisations to empower talent from under represented groups and delivers benefits that reach far beyond the boundaries of the workplace.


Salma is the author of ‘Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging in Coaching’ a practical guide for Leaders to build an inclusive culture in which employees can flourish. Salma is also the founder and creator of Mastering Your Power Coach Training – a certified pioneering coaching framework designed with the golden thread of Inclusion, Belonging, Equity, and Diversity and understanding identity it's centre. Working with clients including; Co-op, British Transport Police, Metropolitan Police, Skipton Building Society, Barclays, giffgaff, Oxfam and Save the Children , Salma's unique coaching programme has already won the PPMA Excellence in People Management 2021.


A thought leader in Inclusive Leadership and specialist in Dysfunctional Resilience and creating Pyschological Safety, Salma's work has been published in The Guardian, CEO Today, Coaching at Work and Pyschologies Magazine.. She is also the host of the Coaching Exchange Podcast where she interviews thought leaders, disruptors, and the out of the box thinkers who want to make an impact. Salma is on the Board of Savera UK, a charity tackling culturally-specific 'honour'- based abuse.



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