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Official website of speaker, author and founder of Mastering Your Power

"Talent is everywhere, opportunity isn't." 

about SALMA

Salma Shah is the Founder of the unique award-winning Mastering Your Power. A certified coach training programme designed with a wider systemic lens of diversity, inclusion, belonging and equity. She has been coaching clients and delivering workshops for over twenty years.


Salma is also the author of the ground breaking book, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging in Coaching. A motivational game changer on how to confidently and courageously meet the complex needs of all employees by taking actions that shift the dial towards creating inclusive and future-focused successful organisations. The book which was shortlisted for the Business Book Awards (2023) has been described as ‘timely, challenging and compassionate.’


There is an impressive list of teams and corporations that have sought Salma’s expertise including, Co-op Group, John Lewis Partnership, Pearson, Ambassadors Theatre Group, Skipton Building Society, Giff Gaff, Barclays, Infor, the NHS, British Transport Police and the Metropolitan Police.

Included as Think Global People's Think Women 40, Outstanding Global Women, Salma also sits on the judging panel for Working Mums 'Top Employer' Awards and on the Board of Savera UK, a charity tackling culturally-specific 'honour'- based abuse.​ 

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About Salma Speaker

intersectionality “considers all identity markers that apply to an individual in combination, rather than considering each factor alone, and how they impact different modes of bias, discrimination, privilege, and equity”

— Salma Shah in 'What are employers doing to address intersectional problems?'

as a Speaker

As well as developing coaches and leaders, Salma addresses the specific complex systemic challenges faced by global organisations. Her approach has identity, the complexities of intersectionality and the lived experience at its heart and the golden thread of diversity, inclusion, belonging and equity running through it.


Her approach to speaking, workshops or panel discussion, is to invite her audience to dig deeper into what it really means to be inclusive and create equitable and diverse organisations.

DEI is not about box ticking it is about practical action, starting with leadership, then collaboration and eventually systemic change for the good of all.

Speaker Topics

Inspire, empower & motivate your teams to take ownership and start conversations around diversity & inclusion in the workplace

  • Radically Inclusive Leadership

  • Dysfunctional to Healthy Resilience

  • Understanding the Lived Experience

  • Importance of Belonging

  • Establishing Psychological Safety

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Latest Articles & Events

“My parents came to the UK from Pakistan in 1963 and one of the things I did was learn how to navigate different worlds quite early. When I started getting given global assignments at work in my twenties it was actually really easy for me to navigate different cultures. I was curious and open to learning about other cultures.””

— Salma Shah from Think Women 40, Outstanding Global Women (International Women's Day 2023)

Five warning signs you’re putting on a ‘resilience face’ at work – and how to tackle it.


Breaking your biases will help you liberate your team’s talents

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Top leadership skills needed for a radically inclusive workplace

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'Diversity, inclusion and belonging in coaching'
— a practical guide

by Salma Shah

“This book will increase your understanding of coaching and inclusion in equal measure.”

 Rachel Billington, Head of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I), Aecom

Shortlisted for the Business Book Awards (2023), described as ‘timely, challenging and compassionate.’

as an 'Inclusion' Expert

Salma's methodology and book Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging in Coaching are also part of the curriculum for the Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology at the University of East London.


She regularly advises clients on mapping their coaching culture and delving deeper to highlight the difference between knowing what coaching is versus an openness to coaching and being coached especially those form under-represented groups.

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as a Coach

Her training programme enable all employees to ‘master their power’ and own their personal leadership story. Participants describe their experience as, ‘my world has just got bigger, my place in it more sure’.


Salma enables participants to lead from a wider listening lens, take personal responsibility for delivering breakthrough results and treat individuals as partners, encouraging input to meet personal and business goals. Acting as a game changer, Salma unlocks the hidden potential for all members of team, sowing the seeds of long lasting confidence, developing healthy resilience, common connection and purpose.

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