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Official website of author, speaker and founder of Mastering Your Power
How to coach under-represented and minority groups in a majority space

Diversity, inclusion and belonging in coaching

Launched April 3rd 2022
Available to buy on Amazon

"Timely, Challenging & Compassionate"
Dr Tim Spackman, Head of Organisational Development,
Skipton Building Society

“A must-read for all practitioners and beneficiaries of coaching.”

 Dr Riza Kadilar, President, EMCC Global

“A critical and ground-breaking text accessible to all leaders, in how to use coaching as an

enabler for creating and sustaining inclusive, equitable and diverse organizations.”

 Charmaine Kwame, National Lead for Coaching, NHS England

“A great invitation to dig deeper into what it really means to be an inclusive coach.”

 Ash Schofield, CEO, Giff Gaff

“This book will increase your understanding of coaching and inclusion in equal measure.”

 Rachel Billington, Head of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I), Aecom

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about THE BOOK

Coaching and developing employees is not a one size fits all activity. Race, gender, class, education, culture and religion can all affect the needs of employees. Coaches, leaders and line managers must address this.

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging in Coaching is a practical guide for coaches, leaders and line managers which explains how to understand different employee needs, identify what experiences can impact these needs and shows how to develop a truly inclusive approach to coaching and employee development.


It also covers how to recognise the difference between employees in survival mode as opposed to those who are thriving, feeling psychologically safe and displaying healthy resilience. 

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Packed full of practical tips, tools, case studies, interviews, examples and activities to work through in practice, this book allows coaches, leaders and line managers to create an inclusive culture of belonging and psychological safety to ensure that all employees flourish.


There is also specific guidance on how to deal with employee trauma such as prejudice, racism, bullying, burnout, imposter syndrome and grief as well as how to cultivate a system of acceptance and encourage all employees to safely bring their authentic selves to work.


Supported by expert advice, personal experience and industry research, this book is crucial reading for all coaches, leaders and managers responsible for talent development.

about SALMA

Salma Shah is the Founder and Director of the award-winning Mastering Your Power, a certified coach training programme designed with a wider systemic lens of diversity, inclusion, belonging and equity.


Based in London, UK she works with clients at a senior level in public, private and voluntary sectors; supervises and trains other coaches; presents at events both in the UK and internationally.


Salma has worked with clients across a range of industries, including: Teenage Cancer Trust, Reuters, Planning Inspectorate, Lexmark, O2, Reuters, British Transport Police, Metropolitan Police. She has also travelled the globe delivering programs for major international organisations including: Oracle, Ernst and Young (Kuwait, Palestine)

Salma is also on the Board of Savera UK, a charity tackling culturally-specific 'honour'- based abuse.​

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"I’m a strong advocate of freedom and choice and believe we need a smorgasbord of coaches to choose from. For someone from an under-represented group this is crucial, especially early on in their adult lives. In an ever-changing society, with an increasingly diverse workforce, the ability to effectively support, motivate and nurture employees is an essential target for organisations."

 Salma Shah, Author and Founder of Mastering Your Power

Industry Endorsements
Casual Business Meeting

"If I said I could give you a tool that would raise your cultural competence, teach you how to apply it to those who need it most and develop yourself as an emotionally intelligent, nuanced leader with one book, what would you say?


This book does all of that and should be required reading for anyone with leadership aspirations." 

― Hermann Trepesch, Global Diversity & Inclusion, Sanofi

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